JET IT Officer Success Story by Abdul khan

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Hello everyone, I am Abdul Khan- JET it officer Sounds very nice but behind sounds is there is many years of waiting and a lot of hard work. This is not achiever story but some words which define my journey to reach success. I completed my BSE in the year of 2014. After then I started my preparation for JET exam. Finally took 3 long years To become a public servant.

My journey was not easy, there is lot of pressure from my father, my neighbors and other says to my Dad your that your boy always stay at home he should do some job and earn money and much more advice. Especially thanks to my mom she is only person who motivated me towards a good job, who always supported me, who believed in me, one day I turn her dream into reality. Remember guys self motivation is the very essential things for every candidates who is preparing for the competitive exams. talking to yourself, analyse yourself, analyzing your mistakes.

Preparation during exams I attempted
1.JET- IT officer
3.JET – computer operator
5.JET – computer operator
6.JET – computer operator
7.JET- Junior officer
8.JET – computer operator

I attempt number of exams, The journey, I faced many problems like financial problem, family issues. Even in this case I followed, my dream I selected a job which can help to get my dream job. Jet Exam very easy level to the toughest level but I am unable to crack the exam when it was easy and when there are thousands of vacancies. So after then a long period I get success 2017 .

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