JIT (Joint Intern Test) scholarship Exam & Interview Details 2018

JIT (Joint Intern Test) scholarship Exam 2018: Joint Intern Test (JIT) is a scholarship program funded by the various institutions, institutes and organisation, aimed to provide scholarship to all college candidates. It offers scholarship to JIT selected students. 

JIT (Joint Intern Test) scholarship Exam interview: Since JIT written examination is an aptitude test, there is no prescribed syllabus for the exam. The objective of written exam  is to test the understanding and analytical ability of the student. Students are tested for the syllabus up to class X / XII / 1st year of B.Sc. / B.S. / B.Stat. / B.Math. / Int. M.Sc. / M.S. as applicable.

Interview Session of JIT may focus on strategy to determine personality of candidates and analyze candidates holistically.  The interview session shall be based on applying concepts on real life scenarios and situations.
Interviewers may ask the candidates some basic questions including their names, hobbies and subject of interests. During KVPY Interview session, the experts may ask for reacting to some situation and will analyze you with your reactions.
They may ask you to calculate some complex identities to examine your calculating power. Further, they may test your scientific temperament and aptitude by asking you some basic questions based on science of daily life.

JIT (Joint Intern Test) scholarship Exam interview questions:

  • Tell me something about yourself: (Be precise and do not flaunt about yourself a lot. Be focused.)
  • What are your hobbies (The answer to this question should be specific and to the point. Take care not to give many options to the interviewer as it will increase the scope of questions for him)?
  • What are your strongest points?
  • What are your weak points (Do not be very frank. State your weak point in such a manner that it appears that it will not be obstacle in your future. The answer should be such that you are admitting that no one is perfect, but any weak point is not good enough to stop you to accept challenges! )?
  • technically speaking the weakest point comes from your strongest point.
  • Have full knowledge about the technical details of your hobby.
  • Name 2 − 3 favorite players of National and International level. The reason why he is your favourite should be based on technical reasons and not on liking. A technical explanation will give you an edge.
  • What extracurricular activities do you participate in apart from being good in academics?
  • If you get JIT Scholarship, how will you utilize the money (Students may have different answers. Some say that they will deposit it in a bank so that it can be used during higher studies.)?
  • What is your daily schedule? How many hours do you dedicate to studies?
  • Which is your favorite subject (If you have reached your IXth class, go through the NCERT book of class VIII and class IX again-few chapters. You may choose any other subject. It is not necessary that you choose science as a subject. JIT is not only for science students.)?
  • Who is your favorite teacher? What subject she teaches (Expect questions related to that subject)?
  • What is your aim (Also include the explanation of reason of choosing it as your aim.)?
  • How will your aim, when achieved will serve our country?
  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • What is your favorite topic in math, science and social science?
  • What all preparations you have done for the Interview?
  • What are known as suicidal bags of cell?

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